Career Development

CC Transitions offers Career Development programs for executives, managers, and professionals that are looking for ways to manage and enhance their career in changing sometimes challenging circumstances. Career development or career change as a result of an international relocation (Global Career Transitions), for female managers in male-dominated companies who aspire to develop themselves, make promotion and grow into senior leadership roles (Women in Leadership), for managers who are aiming to advance and grow into their next role, increase their responsibilities, and become better leaders (Leadership Development) and for Internationals working in global teams or relocating to a new country with new global counterparts and responsibilities (Intercultural Communication Training)

We have recently added a new (temporary) sponsored Career Development program for people over 45.
The aim of this (free of charge, if qualifying) program is to assess their current work situation, reflect on what has changed in the workplace, what is needed for the future to stay competitive and to advance their career, resulting in a Career Development Plan for the remaining years of their professional life.

* Career Development
* Leadership Development
* Women in Leadership Development
Intercultural Communication
* Career Development Consulting for people over 45 - Ontwikkeladvies 45+ 

Your program will be customized depending on your goals and focus.
The Career, Leadership, and Women in Leadership Development programs are starting with the Birkman assessment
The Intercultural communication program makes use of the Intercultural readiness check

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