Intercultural Training

” Very broad and deep content, also very useful materials were shared during the program. It was a good combination between theory and practice, personable, engaging and enjoyable
W.O. Country Executive
Intercultural Training, 2019

The Intercultural training program focuses on cultural awareness, differences in business cultures, intercultural communication, intercultural competencies, and strategies for managing working across cultures or leading global teams.

CC Transitions provides intercultural training programs for professionals, leaders, and teams, one on one or in groups, face-to-face or virtual.
Many of our clients are managers leading virtual teams or in new roles where they are managing international teams.

” The Program helped me to understand different business cultures, practices, and discussing strategies for successful communication. The open reflection with Caroline to lead a team across cultures has been very valuable”
P.B. CEO & President
Intercultural Training, 2017

“The Intercultural Program was very informative and helped me to reflect on different scenarios and experiences. It gave me the opportunity to stop, reflect, and think rather than just keep going without a deeper understanding, becoming aware of cultural differences and discussing strategies for dealing with it.”
V.L. Director
Intercultural Training, 2018

The training is customized and consists of the following components, depending on your needs:

  • Culture and cultural differences
  • Intercultural communication
  • Intercultural competences
  • Different business cultures
  • Strategies for dealing with differences
  • Leveraging the benefits of cultural diversity

” I have REALLY BENEFITED from the training and I should have done this earlier and make time for it.  I will share my experience and the benefits of the training with my team and tell them to take it.”
M.D. HR Manager
Intercultural Training, 2021

“The Intercultural Training is very valuable, and the training is delivered in a very personal way and customized to my needs. Caroline opened my mind and taught me a lot. I was lucky to work with such an experienced trainer”
C.M. Manager
Intercultural Training, 2020

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