Intercultural Training

Internationals want to be productive, work effectively, feel at home, and thrive in their new country as soon as possible.
The Intercultural training program focuses on cultural awareness, intercultural communication competences, managing uncertainty, and dealing with the transition.
This way you will not only be able to enhance the quality of your life abroad but also perform better in your new job and work together with your new colleagues.

International transfers and hires are very costly, in terms of money for the corporation as well as time, energy, and wellbeing for the expatriate and family. Intercultural communication training will contribute to your personal well being and professional success and therefore increase your chances of thriving abroad and success.

CC Transitions provides intercultural training programs for professionals, leaders, and teams, one on one or in groups, in person or remotely via video conference.
Many of our clients are managers on their first international assignment or those in new roles where they will be managing international teams and customers.

The training is customized and consists of the following components, depending on your needs:

  • Transition management
  • Culture and cultural differences
  • Phases of culture adjustment
  • Intercultural communication
  • Intercultural competences
  • New business culture
  • Practical implications