Caroline is a highly dedicated org psychologist & executive coach who has been empowering ambitious individuals, to unlock their full potential and achieve their career and leadership aspirations. With a strong focus on fostering diversity and inclusion, she has become a trusted advisor for both individual leaders and organizations seeking to benefit from diverse perspectives.

Caroline’s expertise lies in strategically designing and implementing Leadership Development programs that drive positive change within organizations. Through her innovative programs, she has successfully guided countless individuals in their professional journeys, equipping them with the necessary confidence, inspiration, skills, and competencies to excel in their roles or grow into new roles.

As an executive coach, Caroline offers personalized guidance and support, ensuring her clients reach their desired goals. She understands that leadership development is a continuous process, and she tailors her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual. Additionally, she excels in delivering impactful gender DE&I and Intercultural training programs, equipping professionals with the cultural intelligence required to thrive in today’s globalized and demanding world.

With a passion for fostering inclusive workplaces, Caroline is committed to helping organizations harness the power of diversity. By leveraging her extensive experience and expertise, she collaborates with clients to create inclusive cultures that promote collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

Caroline van den Bogaard’s unwavering dedication to promoting gender diversity, her transformative leadership development programs, and her ability to support organizations in creating inclusive environments make her an invaluable partner for individuals and organizations striving for success in the modern business landscape.

Caroline has a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology, achieved certification in Coaching from New York University, is a Certified Career Consultant, and finished in 2020 and in 2023 two Executive Gender Diversity programs at INSEAD with distinction.
She is accredited as an Intercultural Trainer and certified for the  Birkman Assessment (Leadership -Career -Team Development), the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

She has gained over 20 years of work experience in an international setting, working for HR, Career Management, and Intercultural Communication Companies, lived and worked in six countries. She returned in 2014 to the Netherlands, offering her services in both the Netherlands and Switzerland.

She is a certified confident counselor (LVV), senior career management coach (CMF) by ICCI, and a registered career consultant by NOLOC (Dutch Organization for career management consultants).

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