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CC Transitions is specialized in leadership development, with a special focus on the development of talented women & inclusive leadership.

Since 2022 we offer external Confidential Counselor services for companies in the Netherlands.

We have programs supporting female leaders with the ambition to grow, better understand their added value as a woman in the organization, and tap into their unique talent.
Understand the challenges of their work context as a female leader, bring diversity to their team and company, and make an impact as a female leader.

We have programs for leaders that want to be more inclusive in their leadership and benefit from the diversity in their teams.

We offer intercultural training programs for international managers, increasing their effectiveness in working across cultures. Supporting them to understand and make use of different perspectives of their team. Discussing cultural preferences, potential strengths, and pitfalls for dealing with differences, increasing cultural awareness, reflecting on strategies, and empowering them to reach their professional and company goals.

The needs and goals of our clients vary, whether they are looking for a career transition, for a promotion, might want to move to another company, aim to increase their managerial skills, prepare for leading a global team, or better understand what it takes to be effective working in global teams. We customize our programs to the needs of our customers

Assessments could be part of the program. The IRC assessment (Intercultural Readiness Check) is used to enhance performance in an international team, and in working across cultures. The Birkman or MBTI is often used for Leadership development programs.

” The Program helped me to understand different business cultures, practices, and discussing strategies for successful communication. The open reflection with Caroline to lead a team across cultures has been very valuable” P.B, CEO & President, Intercultural Communication Training, 2017

I increased my confidence and am more mindful to demonstrate my skills and share my opinion at meetings, being more conscious, which is leading to more visibility and increased influence. The program opened my eyes and the meeting with the CEO confirmed that I have to think of other things than only working hard and excelling at what I do, I also have to think about my leadership style and my team A.C. Director, 2020

Caroline impressed me with her Strategic Gender Diversity Plan that she developed during the INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme that we followed together. Her thorough knowledge of theory was put into practice for a client. This created valuable insights that could be implemented to progress gender diversity. Caroline also showed extraordinary talent in bringing people together to discuss relevant topics around diversity which created a positive ambiance for peer-to-peer review and support. J.W. Executive Board Member, 2020

“The Program helped me to increase my self-awareness, I am more pro-active now, and improved the communication in my team, with different cultural groups, and with cross-functional teams. This leads to better and more valuable decisions, which is better for the organization” M.K. Manager, 2018

I have grown a lot in all aspects of the program, I gained confidence and became more conscious about my personal brand, and have increased my communication skills. I have been challenging and overcoming my limits, increased awareness of my strengths and weaknesses, going out of my comfort zone. I am applying every single aspect of the program, use that I have learned, am communicating my value, feel more confident and am building relationships in different departments” S.C. Manager, 2019

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