The Birkman Assessment

For our Leadership Development programs, we use the Birkman Assessment.
This is an in-depth self-assessment that solves leadership needs and helps individuals to realize their potential. The Birkman provides insight into strengths and potential sources of conflict between individuals and teams.
It is a scientifically reliable and valid assessment of personality and perception, supporting individuals, leaders, and teams to achieve greater success through insights into their motivational interests, occupational behavior, and deeply-rooted perspectives.

We use the Birkman Assessment for:

  • Leadership development
  • Career development
  • Team development
  • Personal development
  • Conflict management

The Birkman assessment dives deep into individual behavior, perceptions and personality to help participants understand the why behind individual traits and interpersonal dynamics. It goes further into personality traits than any other assessment. It helps individuals understand not only who they are, but also why they behave the way they do.
Birkman is the only tool that measures the underlying needs; the support a person needs from others and from their environment to get the best out of him/herself. It combines behavioral characteristics and professional aspects, for a better understanding of how and where someone fits within the organization. Comparative and group reports provide insight into the strengths and potential sources of conflict between individuals and teams.

How we apply the Birkman
The Birkman is a self-assessment based on an online questionnaire with more than 265 questions and it takes about 45 minutes to answer.
The assessment feedback will be delivered in a 90 minutes debrief meeting/call and another follow-up coaching meeting/call to create a plan of action that is usually the start of a leadership/team/personal development program.

MBTI Personality Assessment

Gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses, find out your personality type.
Discover what competencies are needed for your role and what professional role would best fit your personality.
We will be using your MBTI career rapport to support you to take action and make better-informed decisions regarding your professional life.

Intercultural Readiness Check

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), is one of the best assessments used for the development of employees who need to succeed in an international setting.
The assessment is measuring four basic competences that are important to intercultural effectiveness.

* Intercultural sensitivity, understanding each other perspectives
* Intercultural communication, being able to communicate effectively these perspectives
* Building commitment, finding new solutions to bring these perspectives together
* Managing uncertainties that are a result of bringing different perspectives together

After completion of the assessment, we will design a coaching program to develop the competencies that are supporting you to thrive in an international role.