Female Leadership

I increased my confidence and am more mindful to demonstrate my skills and share my opinion at meetings, being more conscious, which is leading to more visibility and increased influence. The program opened my eyes and the meeting with the CEO confirmed that I have to think of other things than only working hard and excelling at what I do, I also have to think about my leadership style and my team
A.C. Director
Female Leadership Program, 2020

Our coaching programs are designed for:

  • Female managers, women in leadership roles who wish to develop their leadership competencies and grow into senior roles
  • Companies wanting to increase their percentage of female leaders, increase gender balance at the top, leading to more gender diversity and inclusion
  • Interview preparation and personal branding for women aiming for their next career step in another organization
  • Professional women looking to strengthen and increase their influence, impact, and career opportunities in managerial positions

” I have grown on all aspects of the program, I gained confidence, have been challenging and overcoming my limits, increased the awareness of my strengths and weaknesses, and going out of my comfort zone” S.C. Manager
Women in Leadership Program 2018

“The program has helped me to grow in many ways, it was valuable for both my professional and personal development” C.V. Manager
Women in Leadership Program, 2019

“It has been an amazing experience and I became more aware of different career and gender-related topics and used this knowledge to my advantage”
M.S. Manager
Women in Leadership Program, 2019

“It opened up a new world, allowing me to look at leadership in a different way, I will be leading differently and have created my own leadership brand”
J.J. Manager
Women in Leadership Program 2018

Depending on the program and the objectives, we cover various subjects such as confidence, personal branding, work-life balance, networking, influence, communication skills, negotiations.
We make use of assessment instruments, such as the Birkman assessment or the MBTI assessment to assess and develop personal capabilities and leadership competences of women in leadership roles.

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