Externe Vertrouwenspersoon

Certified External Confident Counselor / Extern Vertrouwenspersoon

CC Transitions offers external confidential counselor services.
We are supporting and advising companies and employees in the field of PSA policies in the Netherlands.

Proper handling of reports of unsafe, unethical, or sexually inappropriate behavior at work
does help with the feeling of justice, recognition, and awareness.
It will improve the social safety of the organization and support your employees.

Appointing an external confidential counselor has a preventive effect; the organization sends a signal that social safety is important and prioritizes taking good care of its employees.

Roles of a Confidential Counselor

Supporting and guiding employees with their complaints regarding socially unsafe workplace or unethical workplace experiences

Training employees and managers about the organisation culture, the importance of psychological safety and inclusive leadership

Advising the board and management team about patterns of unsafe workenvironment and the increase of social safety in their organisation

The External Confidential Counselor

  • An external confidential counselor is independent and objective
  • Is the first link between the complainant/reporter and the organization
  • Contributes to a socially safe and ethical work environment
  • Provides support and assistance in de-escalating and ending unwanted behavior and/or integrity violations
  • Guides employees through every step from doing nothing to the complaints procedure
  • Ensures that the complainant remains responsible for the process
  • Reflects on options and shows the way
  • Provides aftercare

Safe environment
A confidential counselor provides a safe environment in which people can speak freely about their concerns, problems, and complaints, with the assurance that information will be kept confidential.

Support and guidance
A confidential counselor provides emotional support and guidance to people facing difficult situations, such as unwanted behavior, harassment, or other forms of abuse. They listen, give advice and help find solutions.

The presence of a confidential counselor encourages employees to raise problems and abuses earlier, allowing them to be addressed before they escalate.

Increased safety and well-being
Contributes to a safe work environment where employees feel heard and supported. This can promote their overall well-being and satisfaction at work.

Conflict management and mediation
Helps resolve conflicts and promote a harmonious work environment. They can act as a neutral party and mediate between those involved to resolve.

Awareness and education
Creates awareness about topics such as respect, integrity, and equality in the workplace. They can provide training and workshops to inform and educate employees on relevant topics, such as psychological safety and inclusive leadership.

Talent retention
By providing support and addressing issues, we can help retain valuable staff.
Employees feel supported and valued, which can promote employee retention.

Positive reputation
Having a well-functioning trustee program can contribute to the organization’s positive reputation. This can be attractive to potential employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

In short, a confidential counselor provides several benefits, including confidentiality, support, prevention, safety, conflict management, and talent retention.
It can contribute to a positive work environment and promote employee well-being.