We have designed and delivered customized programs for both individuals and companies such as Starbucks, Fonterra, Barrie Callebaut, ASML, NXP, Akzo Nobel, Dow Chemical, Unilever, Philips, Pfizer, ING, Coty, Henkel, Friesland Campina, KLM, Nike, and many more.

” I enjoyed working with Caroline so much. I learned a lot and gained more self-confidence through her constant motivation and positive attitude. I felt heard, understood, and empowered as a woman. I have a better understanding of the Dutch culture and thus became more capable of exploring opportunities” L.M.

“I am very satisfied, the Intercultural Communication Training was very helpful, great! I really liked the informal discussion part, and prefer this above just following formal training. It was great to have such an experienced trainer” K.N. Vice President 2020

 ” The program not only supports the development of female employees, but it also helps managers develop a better understanding of gender-related challenges.”

” With great pleasure, I am working with Caroline on developing a tailor-made fun interactive digitally supported program to anchor diversity, equity, and inclusion that is self-administered for rollout through volunteer communities. Caroline is resourceful with a firm bend to action. When you have Caroline on your team, you can be certain to deliver”. Corporate Commercial Lawyer & Business Strategy Consultant, Diversity Consulting

“The coaching sessions helped me to look at my career path with different eyes, and focus more on what I was able to achieve. The different and new approach helped me to create a new presentation of myself. I really liked Caroline’s coaching approach, our sessions were clear, to the point, and all the time I felt empathy and encouragement” E.C. Legal Advisor, 2021

“My coach was great! She definitely opened my eyes to many aspects of my personality and on areas I have to keep on working on. I have built a strong relationship with my coach, based on openness and trust. She has understood and supported me pretty well along with the program” S.C. Manager

“Caroline is very positive, caring, and open. You can tell her interest is to support her coachee as best as possible. She has skillfully presented tricky topics to my manager, which will help the relationship evolve to a more efficient and mature level” F.C. Head IoT

“The program was tailored, specific to our needs. Caroline has a very relevant background and experience, she gave good examples. I have gained a better understanding of cultural differences and interaction at the workplace”.

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