Executive Coaching

“Coaching with Caroline has been a useful experience, as I have the opportunity to openly share all my thoughts and receive insights, suggestions, and experiences and get another point of view to better live my present and build my future”
G.N. Manager 2024

” My executive coaching experience with Caroline is excellent. She guides me and shows me tools to go through difficult situations”
N.G. Director 2024

Navigating Bias and Stereotypes
Female leaders often face gender biases and stereotypes that can impact their career advancement and opportunities. As an executive coach and organizational psychologist, I will guide how to detect and navigate these challenges, develop strategies to overcome biases, and find ways to advocate for yourself in the workplace. This may involve addressing issues related to unconscious bias, gender-based assumptions, and unequal opportunities.

Leadership Development
Developing your leadership skills and competencies. We can help identify areas for improvement, provide feedback, and offer strategies to enhance leadership effectiveness.
This may involve improving communication skills, decision-making abilities, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking.

Building Confidence
You might face unique challenges and biases in the workplace that can impact your confidence levels. As an executive coach, I help female leaders build self-confidence and overcome self-doubt. I provide encouragement, offer perspectives, and help you recognize and leverage your strengths.

Developing Executive Presence
Executive presence refers to the ability to project a strong and influential image as a leader.
I help to develop your executive presence by focusing on areas such as body language, vocal tone, assertiveness, and gravitas. This will help you to command attention, gain respect, and be seen as an influential leader.

Managing Work-Life Balance
Balancing professional responsibilities with personal commitments is a common challenge for many female leaders. As an executive coach, I can help you explore strategies for managing your time, setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and finding ways to integrate work and personal life effectively. This can lead to reduced stress, increased satisfaction, and better overall well-being.

Networking and Relationship Building
Building a strong network and cultivating relationships is crucial for career advancement.
As an executive coach, I can support you in developing networking skills, identifying opportunities for mentorship or sponsorship, and expanding your professional connections.
Guide how to build meaningful relationships, leverage existing networks, and enhance visibility within their industry or organization.

Goal Setting and Accountability
As an executive coach, I assist you in setting clear goals and objectives aligned with your vision and values. Help you establish a roadmap for success and hold you accountable for taking action towards your goals.
Regular executive coaching sessions provide a supportive and structured environment for progress evaluation, problem-solving, and course correction.

Overall, I provide you with personalized guidance, support, and skill development tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

You will gain the tools, insights, and confidence to navigate your leadership journey successfully.

” I have increased my effectiveness in communicating at meetings, my confidence, I take more initiatives and I have increased my willingness to speak up at meetings and to share and promote my ideas. I am more confident and have more awareness of women’s difficulties in companies. Great to have Caroline as my executive coach for this program, I loved working with her, and she did an amazing job with me” C.V. Manager, 2021

” Caroline is an outstanding executive coach, professionally prepared, and always open to listening. She helped me focus on my strengths and skills and to present them in a better way.” E.C Legal advisor, 2021

 ” The program not only supports the development of female employees, but it also helps managers develop a better understanding of gender-related challenges.” Manager, 2021

“My coach was great! She opened my eyes to many aspects of my personality and to areas I have to keep on working on. I have built a strong relationship with my executive coach, based on openness and trust. She has understood and supported me pretty well along with the entire program” S.C. Director 2021