Executive Coaching

“The coaching sessions helped me to look at my career path with different eyes, and focus more on what I was able to achieve. The different and new approach helped me to create a new presentation of myself. I really liked Caroline’s coaching approach, our sessions were clear, to the point, and all the time I felt empathy and encouragement”
E.C. Legal Advisor
Global Career Coaching, 2021

  • CC Transitions offers Coaching programs for managers and professionals aiming to enhance their careers, and prepare for their next career step.
  • Executive Coaching for leaders that want to work on specific goals and challenges, such as enhanced Inclusive leadership, to benefit from the diversity in their organization, often leading to increased psychological safety, more creativity, and better business results.
    “Inclusive leadership is a critical capability to leverage diverse thinking in a workforce with increasingly diverse markets, customers, and talent” – HBR; the key to inclusive leadership

 “a big THANKS for what you have meant and contributed towards my transition period from South Africa to the Netherlands. I don’t think…. no, I know I would not have been where I am today without your assistance; and hence was very pleased to have found a suitable job opportunity here in The Netherlands so quickly.” C.W
Career Transition Program 2019

“My coach was great! She definitely opened my eyes to many aspects of my personality and on areas I have to keep on working on. I have built a strong relationship with my coach, based on openness and trust. She has understood and supported me pretty well along with the entire program” S.C. Manager
Women in Leadership program, 2018

 ” The program not only supports the development of female employees, but it also helps managers develop a better understanding of gender-related challenges.”
Female Leadership Program 2021

“Be aware that the program might be a chance for your further, personal development in your role as a manager.”
Female Leadership Program 2021

” I have increased my effectiveness in communicating at meetings, my confidence, I take more initiatives and I have increased my willingness to speak up at meetings and to share and promote my ideas. I am more confident and have more awareness about women’s difficulties in companies. Great to have Caroline as my coach for this program, I really loved to work with her, she did an amazing job with me”
C.V. Manager
Women in Leadership program, 2018

” Caroline is an outstanding coach, professionally prepared, and always open to listen. She helped me focus on my strengths and skills and to present them in a better way. I would highly recommend her assistance to someone who, like me, is transitioning her career to the Netherlands”
E.C Legal advisor
Career Transition Program 2021

Your program will be customized depending on your goals and focus.
The Career, Leadership, and Women in Leadership Development programs could start with a job market assessment or the Birkman assessment
The Intercultural communication program makes use of the Intercultural readiness check