External Confidential Counselor

Last month I was interviewed, together with my colleague Caroline Reinking, as external confidential counselors of the Urban Gym Group.

The Urban Gym Group includes all TrainMore branches, Clubsportive, BTY CLB and Renessence and is the fastest growing fitness chain in The Netherlands.
As external confidential counselors we:

  • Provide a safe space and supportive environment where employees from all backgrounds can seek guidance and support without fear of judgment or discrimination.
  • People can reach out to us when they face unacceptable behavior, such as aggression, harassment or discrimination in the workplace, contributing to a more inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and supported.
  • Support the reporting employees, prepare and facilitate difficult conversations about sensitive topics such as discrimination and microaggressions. Guide reporting employees on how to navigate them respectfully and productively.
  • Play a crucial role in providing confidential support for employees experiencing stress, anxiety, or other mental health challenges, contributing to a culture of care and compassion.
  • By offering confidential counseling services, the Urban Gym Group demonstrates its commitment to supporting employees’ well-being and fostering an environment where individuals feel comfortable seeking help.
  • If needed, we provide valuable feedback and recommendations to management for improvement and creating a more inclusive workplace culture.