Staying Authentic as a Female Leader

This week we facilitated, the “True to your Inner Leader” workshop at LINKITIt was inspiring to guide a part of The Accelerator alumni group, New Female Leaders‘ Authentic Leadership Program, featuring 20 talented women from various organizations. These alumni network events, “The House of New Female Leaders” include workshops supporting their authentic leadership journey in … Lees meer

External Confidential Counselor

Last month I was interviewed, together with my colleague Caroline Reinking, as external confidential counselors of the Urban Gym Group. The Urban Gym Group includes all TrainMore branches, Clubsportive, BTY CLB and Renessence and is the fastest growing fitness chain in The Netherlands. As external confidential counselors we:

Male Allies in a Female Leadership Program

I’m excited to share that alongside our incredible group of female leaders starting The Ripple earlier this year, their male allies are now also actively engaged in this transformative journey. Recently, they participated in a two-day offsite experience, where they delved deep into the nuances of diversity, inclusion, and authentic leadership.They gained invaluable insights that … Lees meer

Authentic Leadership Launch The Ripple

This week we launched the second edition of our in-company Authentic Leadership Program “The Ripple” at Kraft Heinz with a BANG! 🚀 Starting with this amazing group of international female leaders, their male and female allies will soon join the program as well. Together they will be working towards a culture where authenticity and diversity … Lees meer

Externe Vertrouwenspersoon bij de Urban Gym Group

Sinds augustus 2024 ben ik samen met Carolien Reinking gestart als Externe Vertrouwenspersoon voor alle medewerkers van de Urban Gym Group. Bedankt Karen de Jong voor de fijne en informatieve rondleiding bij TrainMore Ladies West, Trainmore West en de impressive Trainmore Oost Black label! Onder de Urban Gym Group vallen behalve Trainmore ook Clubsportiv en Renessence. We verheugen ons op een prettige samenwerking Fleur Cossé en Karen de … Lees meer