Male Allies in a Female Leadership Program

I’m excited to share that alongside our incredible group of female leaders starting The Ripple earlier this year, their male allies are now also actively engaged in this transformative journey.

Recently, they participated in a two-day offsite experience, where they delved deep into the nuances of diversity, inclusion, and authentic leadership.
They gained invaluable insights that will shape their roles in driving positive change within Kraft Heinz together with the female leaders.

A special thank you to Joris Luyendijk, Vivian Acquah CDE®, and Rodney Frank, for their invaluable contributions to this program and a special shoutout to Joris Veger for partnering with us on this transformative journey.

To all the female leaders and allies involved, your enthusiasm, curiosity, and courage are the driving forces behind this initiative. 💥 💥
Together with Caroline Glasbergen and Julia Hart, I look forward to making a difference and paving the way for a more inclusive and authentic corporate landscape!
💜 💛 💚