Gender Diversity

Caroline impressed me with her Strategic Gender Diversity Plan that she developed during the INSEAD Gender Diversity Program that we followed together. Her thorough knowledge of theory was put into practice for a client. This created valuable insights that could be implemented to progress gender diversity. Caroline also showed extraordinary talent in bringing people together to discuss relevant topics around diversity which created a positive ambiance for peer-to-peer review and support.
J.W. Executive Board Member
Gender Diversity Consulting 2020

What is your business case for Gender Diversity?
Fairness? the right thing to do? a better future for your daughters?
Better business results, new legislation?

Whatever drives you, it is time to act now.

Top 5000 companies in the Netherlands will soon need to create a
Strategic Gender Diversity Plan and take action to increase gender diversity

(Source: Rapportage bedrijvenmonitor: Zonder wet geen vooruitgang)

We can support you by conducting a quick Gender Diversity Plan Scan or by adding new elements based on the latest insights from INSEAD. In case you want to start from scratch, then we can help you develop a business-focused Strategic Gender Diversity Plan (SGDP)

Your current Gender Diversity and Female Leadership Development efforts might also qualify for the Dutch SLIM subsidy.
SLIM subsidy: up to 80% subsidy for an organizational Scan and the design of a Strategic Plan for the Development of your Managers and Employees
Worth checking out. We are a certified partner for your SLIM subsidy

” With great pleasure, I am working with Caroline on developing a tailor-made fun interactive digitally supported program to anchor diversity, equity, and inclusion that is self-administered for rollout through volunteer communities. Caroline is resourceful with a firm bend to action. When you have Caroline on your team, you can be certain to deliver”.
S.van L.Corporate Commercial Lawyer & Business Strategy Consultant
Diversity Consulting 2021

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