International Careers

The workplace has become more international, many companies are sending their employees abroad and the number of people working across borders has increased enormously. For these international employees, this is an excellent opportunity and can be challenging at the same time. They have to perform while being exposed to different cultures, values and perspectives.

Nowadays, many accompanying partners are looking for ways to continue their career as well.  This is challenging, as they have to build new networks and inform themselves about local job search procedures. They are looking for ways to continue their career path, use the opportunity to explore a career change or invest in further personal and/or professional development.

Our career coaching program is designed to support, guide and inspire partners with their career management.
At CC Transitions we understand that, when you are working in an international arena, you need to adjust and inform yourself about the local, company and the business culture.

" Do what you can, where you are, with what you have"  Theodore Roosevelt
” Do what you can, where you are, with what you have” Theodore Roosevelt

We provide career coaching, talent development and intercultural training programs for internationals to support them with this transition. We aim to improve the performance, to speed up the integration, to facilitate a quick adaptation, to support international career transitions and therefore contribute to expatriate life and work fulfillment.