Developing People and Careers

CC Transitions is a career and leadership development coaching company specialized in career coaching and leadership development, with a special focus on the development of women and international talent.
We have a coaching program to support women with their personal and professional development and a special program for female leaders and those with the ambition to grow, develop their leadership competences and enhance their career potential.

We also offer career coaching and intercultural training programs for expats, people with an international background, with diffent cultural perspectives, to increase their effectivess in an international setting. Supporting them to better understand their own strenghts, potential pitfalls, increase their cultural awareness and empower them to reach their professional goals in a new country.
Their needs vary, depending from a career transition, job search in the Netherlands, or perhaps they want a promotion and like to increase their managerial skills of leading a global team or better understand what it takes to be effective in global teams.
The IRC assessment (Intercultural Readiness Check) is used to enhance performance in an international team, and in working across cultures.

Licensed in the Birkman assessment, IRC- Intercultural Readiness Check and the MBTI.